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Speedline SCOPE on MAN TGS

Trucknology Road Show-Demo vehicle Speedline SCOPE with EvoLift vertical 3.2 on an MAN TGS 26.320 6x2-2 LL

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Speedline SCOPE


VIN #: WMA21SZZ8JY374865 STOCK #: SL01505


  • W1-P01100-00 HS HS Side loader system Speedline SCOPE
    Fully automatic side loader, which can be controlled via an ergonomically arranged joystick in the driver's cab.
    Telescopic fill for the reception of MGB according to EN 840.
    Pendulum press with a filling volume of 4.2 m³
    Clearing volume per stroke 1.45 m³
    Pressing force designed for 19 t
    Press plunger: width 1670 mm
    The wear strips on the press floor prevent the material from adhering to the surface!
    Hydraulic system with 2 variable displacement pumps with load sensing system for the reduction of the energy balance: Separate circuits for pouring and assembly for maximum power supply in parallel operation of the functions, e.g. press and lifter
  • Standard equipment:
    2 LED work lights at the rear of the vehicle (can only be switched via separate switch in conjunction with engaged __ reverse gear) incl. 1 piece LED working light in the press room
    incl. 1 LED working light on the right side of the press
    incl. 1 piece shovel and broom incl. holder
  • W1-B00800-00 Fix mounted rear tipping body SCOPE, conical,with a hydr. operated 15° sloping tailgate 3,7 m³, Collection container for compactor SCOPE with a capacity of approx. 27 m³.
  • W1-R00700-00 Dust cover for Scope with container stop and fold-out lid opener for MGB 120 -3200 l The continuous container stop ensures gentle emptying of the container, even when the container is picked up in the middle. To the emptying of 4-wheel MGB, 360l MGB and SUB 2.2 / 3.2 cbm, the stop is opened hydraulically. When selecting 1100 l sliding lid MGB, the lid opener will swing out hydraulically.
  • W1-T00700-00 HS-Duo-Telescope for Scope with 2400 mm travel, prepared for Evolift vertical 3.2 for a reach of approx. 2,000 - 2800 mm matched to container size. The telescope is delivered passivated.
  • W1-L01802-00 EvoLift vertical 3.2 lift for 3.2 m³ containers, lifting capacity up to 1500 kg, Two-stage synchronous lifter for a dumping height of approx. 2950 mm. Individual parts passivated. Hydraulic cylinder with integrated displacement measurement. Hydraulic rotary drive for the tilting movement.
  • W1-A00307-00 Double-diamond holder with hydraulically swing-out double comb Double holder for 2 MGB DIN 30740/EN 840 80-240 litres with Diamond, DIN 30700/EN 840 with hinged lid . Alternatively 2 MGB DIN 30740/EN 840 80-240 litres with comb holder. Comb bar can be swung out hydraulically. With hydraulic comb lock
  • W1-F00502-00 Control unit MD4 with 10 inch touch screen and armrest FLEX GF PLC control with menu navigation and troubleshooting program.
  • W1-K00900-00 IP camera system with display on MD4 touch screen 4 IP cameras, make Parker Mounting: In the dust hood (press area), a reversing camera, a camera in the driver's cab on the left in the direction of travel as well as a camera on the fill (pick-up area).
  • W1-E00102-00 Communication interface for MD4 control unit via Bluetooth.
  • W1-E00203-00 2 LED rotating beacons make Hella Rota LEDLocation: 1 x at the front of the dust hood. 1 x at the rear left
  • W1-E00204-00 1 additional LED rotating beacon, “Hella Rota LED” at the rear left
  • W1-E00400-00 Additional LED working light on the pile
  • W1-E00402-00 Additional LED working light on the left side of the vehicle on the hydraulic tank, rear alignment 
  • W1-Z00100-00 Tool/ storage box with HS logo approx. 660x500x665mm
  • W1-Z00300-00 Use and adjustment of the side guards on the chassis side (left chassis side available)
  • W1-Z00500-00 Use of the mudguards on the chassis side
  • W1-Z00900-00 A-Signs (hinged front, as a sticker on back)
  • W1-Z02600-00 operating manual and spare parts list
  • W1-S00200-00 Lubrication system for Speedline Fix,  “Beka-Max” (incl. pump)
  • W1-S00100-00 Lubrication system extension for bulk material HSS 420/500/650/700 “Beka-Max”
  • W1-S00400-00 Beka-Max lubrication system error message display
  • W1-D01000-00 Electronic interface for VISY reversing assistance system with area monitoring W1-D01303-00 Electrical program for HS side loader-MAN “CAN-BUS”
  • V2-AB0042-023 Contour marking: white at the side / red at the rear


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