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Speedline PPK on an MB Antos

Demo vehicle ready for sale! Speedline PPK on an MB Antos!

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Speedline PPK on an MB Antos


VIN #: WDB96302020173976 STOCK #: SL01504


W1-P00202-00  HS side loader system SPEEDLINE PPK suitable for bin lifter type HSS

W1-M00203-00  Assembly part Speedline Paddle Fix PPK for chassis Antos, wheelbase 4300 mm, OM470, PTO N7I left handed pump       

W1-B00201-05  Rear tipping body HFA50PPK, inclined floor, with hydraulic tailgate 3 m³ and intergrated rear underrun protection, for compactor 3,7 m³       

W1-R00406-00  Dust cover high with bin lifter stop for SL-PPK/Twin, for additional bulk containers 360 l - 2300 l

W1-T00100-00   Standard telescope 2300 mm   

W1-L01700-01   Bin lifter HSS 700 for Speedline PPK   

W1-A00111-00  Double comb with "additional swinging out container support"         

W1-F01000-00   control unit MD4 with 10" Touchscreen (CAN-BUS) and arm rest FLEX GF, suitable for Antos 

W1-K00900-00  IP camera system, shown on the display of the MD4, 4 IP cameras Parker   

W1-E00102-00  Communication interface for the control unit MD4 via Bluetooth. No data card required!           

W1-E00203-01 2 LED warning beacons Hella-Rota LED FL       

W1-E00204-01  Additional LED warning beacon Hella-Rota FL, at the tailgate

W1-E00400-00  additional LED working light at the lifter

W1-E00402-00  Additional LED working light on the left of the vehicle on the hydaulic tank looking backwards 

W1-Z00200-00   Plastic storage box on the chassis without HS Logo, small version      

W1-Z00400-00   Lateral proximity protection (both sides fixed)  

W1-Z00500-00   Use and modification of the existing mudguards          

W1-Z00900-00   1 set of A-signplates   

W1-Z02600-00   Operating instructions & spare parts catalogue Speedline Fix Language: German         

W1-S00200-00  Extra lubrication system for the body Speedline fix Fabrication Beka-Max (incl.pump)  

W1-S00100-00  Lubrication system for lifter: HSS420/500/650/700. Beka-Max   

W1-S00400-00  Display fault message for lubrication system Beka-Max           

W1-D00100-00  Economic shifting / start support       

W1-D00900-00  Reduced engin speed for noise reduction and fuel consumption optimisation  

W1-D00300-00  Checking the chassis specification      

W1-D00400-00  On-site training of operators and service personnel      

W1-D01000-00  Electronic interface for M-Box, Geocept or Sabatier or for Maier&Fabris or VISY

W1-D00700-00  Tachograph check according to. § 57 b           

W1-D01200-00  Red-white warning markings on operaters cab as demanded    

W1-D01304-00  Electronical interface for MB Antos HS side loader      

W1-O00100-00  1 ton colouring SL-Fix: MB9678 Pure White      

V2-AB0042-023 Reflective bands on sides White, on back Red

Full CAN-Communication

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